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Speak to your pharmacist, doctor or nurse

After reading this brochure, ask your pharmacist, doctor or nurse to review your acid reflux medication (proton-pump inhibitor or PPI).

Brochure about proton-pump inhibitors

This educational brochure informs and empowers people about the potential benefits and harms of proton pump inhibitors. Click here to read or download it.

More brochures about proton pump inhibitors

Our collaborators at the Bruyère Research Institute have also created a number patient educational resources to help patients decide if the should continue or stop their proton pump inhibitor. Click here to see their PPI deprescribing decision aid, and their PPI patient educational brochure.

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A patients perspective of PPI deprescribing

Check out this article, “Why are you taking a PPI?” written by Dr. Cara Tannenbaum, Geriatrician and Director, Canadian Deprescribing Network

Mr. Turner considers himself to be a typical healthy 67-year-old, but late last year he started to get sharp burning sensations in his stomach and throat, especially after meals. Read more here.

Check out more articles on a range of topics related to medications and deprescribing.

5 questions to ask about your medications

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada suggests five questions to ask your health provider about your medications, especially if you are on a number of drugs.

Medication Therapy Services Clinic

Book an appointment with the Medication Therapy Services Clinic, or MTS Clinic, the province’s only “pharmacist-clinic”, which is run by the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University. The pharmacists see patients by appointment to help them understand their medications better, and work with patients, their doctors and community pharmacists (and other health providers) to ensure they are taking the best medications for them, and using them in a way to ensure they are receiving the full benefit.

Medication Record

Use this record to track all your medications including the name of the drug, the dose, what it was prescribed for, how many times a day it is taken, when it was prescribed and who prescribed it. You can even type in your answers for better legibility!

Memorial University podcast on proton-pump inhibitors

MUN Med Thread 6 - Proton Pump Inhibitors: The Lowdown on Stomach Acid

Listen to Dr. Justin Turner (Canadian Deprescribing Network and SaferMedsNL) discuss the safe use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) with Dr. Cathy Balsom (Clinical Pharmacist at the MTS Clinic) and Mike Chong (Drug Information Pharmacist at the School of Pharmacy).


For more resources about deprescribing, visit the Canadian Deprescribing Network’s website