Our province has some of the highest use of proton pump inhibitors (medications used for heartburn and reflux) across Canada

The map below shows Newfoundland and Labrador has had the highest increase in the use of proton pump inhibitors, medications commonly prescribed for heartburn and reflux. These medications are often unnecessary and potentially harmful if they are taken for longer than they are required.

How many seniors take reflux medications regularly?


Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest use of proton-pump inhibitors in Canada

Did you know?

Almost 1/3 of seniors in Newfoundland and Labrador take a proton pump inhibitor. Research suggests that most of these people continue to take their proton pump inhibitor much longer than necessary, which increases their risk of harm.

SaferMedsNL has the latest information on when to use proton pump inhibitors and tools for safely stopping them.

If you are interested in stopping your PPI, please talk to your pharmacist, doctor or nurse first. 


Not sure how to talk to your healthcare professional about stopping your proton pump inhibitor?

For some tips and tools on starting the conversation with your community pharmacists, nurse practitioner, or physician: