Why should I consider deprescribing?

  • Over time priorities can change and some medications may become unnecessary

  • There is no current indication for the medication

  • Long-term use is associated with increased risk of potential harms

  • The medication is associated with drug/food interactions

  • Desire to reduce polypharmacy

What are the key steps to successful deprescribing?

  • Identify and prioritize potential medications for deprescribing

  • Engage the patient, family and/or caregivers and make a plan, allowing for shared decision making that considers the patient’s values and priorities

  • Use evidence-based deprescribing algorithms and guidelines to taper and/or discontinue medication, ensuring adequate communication with patient, caregivers, the pharmacist, and other health professionals. See resources here.

  • Monitor and review for any important outcomes or withdrawal symptoms

Learn more about how you can work with your patients and other healthcare professionals to deprescribe proton-pump inhibitors